Omelette Consulting Firm



Omelette is one of the most popular and the simplest cuisine.The price of a good omelette becomes to be 10 dollar ,but that is made from a 10 cent egg.Omelette recipe is very simple,but it is difficult to find good timing, good stuff and good salt.

It is similar to develop new business and new product.

It is important to find best timing to launch a new things.That is Omelette concept.

  • 1 Business Idea

    Core competence
    Studying your core
    of the business
    advantages and strengths.
  • 2 Create Recipe

    Strategy of product
    of new product Client,
    Competitor, and channel.
  • 3 Good Cooking

    Product Development
    Investigating the product
    development methods,
    sales network and sales channels.
  • 4 Great Serving

    Marketing and Branding
    Choosing best method
    of promotion and PR
    of new product.